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4-Link Closer

By adding the 4 Link Closer to the closing wheels you eliminate the blank areas through ditches and over the tops of terraces. These new 4 bar linkages give you nearly double the travel (up to 9″) of the present day swing arm tail sections.

Side Placement

Our side placement fertilizer systems are compact, lightweight, and place liquid behind the planter. The popular G2 fits most planters, and we have side placement liquid fertilizer tubes for Case IH planters.


The Rebounder has a unique, spoon shape design that forms to the V shape of the furrow. This works in conjunction with the furrow’s V shape rather than against it. Many of the firming products on the market today work against this theory, especially in tougher clay type soils. They create additional sidewall compaction as they press through the seed V applying pressure.

In-Furrow Fittings

Each Rebounder has the option of allowing liquid fertilizer or chemical to be applied in various locations to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you want to split the fertilizer or place it directly on the seed, we have many options for you to choose from.

Pump Systems

At the heart of our pump systems are the GX1 and GX2 distribution centers. The GX1 contains a single pump and the GX2 has dual pumps. The number of pumps needed is determined by the implement’s size and desired fertilizer application rate.

Wheel Scrapers

The Gauge and Press Wheel Scraper consists of an adjustable poly blade or a metal blade (for JD press wheel scrapers) that keeps the depth wheel clean and mud-free allowing you to keep an even and consistent seed depth.

Furrow V Closer

If you use no-till or other alternative till planting methods, then you know how difficult it is to properly close the seed furrows. The Furrow V Closer comes up superior in closing the seed trench ahead of the press wheels in heavy, wet soils. It does not run in the seed trench, but rather to the side of the seed V opening, making it easier to place starter fertilizer and/or chemicals in the furrow with the seed.

Dig-It Seed Finder

Use the Dig-It to locate your seeds
Keeps hands clean and free from chemicals that may be in the soil
Personalize the Dig-It with your company’s logo
Great marketing tool to promote your business
2 sizes
Larger one comes in orange, white, or yellow
Small one comes in red, green, blue, yellow, or white (shown below)

STP Opener Blades

STP stands for Sabre Tooth Planter. The next generation of planter and seeding blades are here, with Prescription Tillage Technology’s STP series blades. These revolutionary planting and seeding blades are capable of running in challenging soils, residues and climate conditions. These furrow opener blades create optimal seeding conditions with their agronomic geometric tooth design by their rotation and cutting action, decreased sidewall and furrow compaction, and granulation of moist soil into the furrow by increased soil flow, achieving maximum seed to soil contact..

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