Cotton Yield

Loss Calculator

Does This Look Familiar?

I know it’s cotton, and cotton flexes. Have you walked your fields and done the math just how much or little it did flex? Flag some late emerged plants, or find a skip and watch the plants next to it vs evenly spaced plants. Are you really sure its ok to plant 15% more seed then you plan on getting up? How about throwing an extra 5% of your seed away in overlap on the ends? While not as cut and dried as corn, there are a few solutions we offer to get your cotton crop on track. Help us help you by filling out the form below to figure out your yield potential, which is a percentage of plants with full potential of yield.

Cotton Yield Loss Calculator

Spreadsheet Instructions

 Measure off 1/1000th of an acre in an area you feel is an average of your field. The length of row needed can be found by inputting row spacing in the form. Go down the row and count the amounts of each error. Is a plant one node behind? LE1. Two nodes? LE2. Three nodes? LE3. Are plants evenly spaced? Are there skips or doubles? Add each number needed to fill out the yellow boxes! When done, submit it to us with your name, email, and phone number for a customized solution.

 All form info is considered confidential, and will be viewed only by the necessary personnel within our company. No data is shared with any third party.