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No, I’m not talking about the ear worm feeding on the corn. Three stalks, three stalk sizes, three ear sizes. Did you know, it only takes 24 hours emergence difference between each size to create this scenario? It only takes one set of these in 1/1000th of an acre, and you have a 8 bushel/acre yield reduction! That’s only one type of error! Most fields in this area where row clutches are not used have over 4% overlap in planted area. Add a 40% ear reduction for a double, 60% for a skip, and 20% for a misplaced seed and you have a lot of yield hits. Help us help you by filling out the form below to figure out your Ear Potential, which is a percentage of ears with full potential of yield.

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Measure off 1/1000th of an acre in an area you feel is an average of your field. The length of row needed can be found by inputting row spacing in the form. Go down the row and count the amounts of each error. Is a plant one leaf collar behind or shorter? LE1. Two leaf collars or more? LE2. Are plants evenly spaced? Are there skips or doubles? Add each number needed to fill out the yellow boxes! When done, use the form below to submit it along with your name, email, and phone number for a customized solution.


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