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360 Bullet

Eliminate berms, unlock nutrients

The precision wing angle and pitch of the 14″ wide 360 BULLET lifts and fractures the soil across the total profile, eliminating these berms to increase the roots’ access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and water..

360 Chainroll

The perforated stalks created by 360 CHAINROLL increase surface area to speed up microbial breakdown, freeing up more nitrogen for your crop. Plus, 360 CHAINROLL sizes residue so it is still manageable by the row cleaner, while staying put in the field. 

360 Equi-Flow

Centrifugal pump condenses NH3 into liquid for even application, regardless of rate and temperature.

Row-to-row variation shows up at the worst time for corn production. 360 EQUI-FLOW produces precision application for row-to-row accuracy.

Improved sealing at injection point, minimizing losses.

360 Soil Scan

Knowing how much nitrates are available in the soil is a mystery. Eliminate the guesswork with 360 SOILSCAN – a portable soil test system that gives you the ability to test N availability and soil pH with the accuracy of a traditional soil lab. Testing only takes about five minutes, and you can do it right in the field.

360 Undercover

White mold, bacterial blights, spider mites, white flies, sugarcane aphids and soybean aphids can have a strong negative impact on plant health and yield potential, so it’s important to closely monitor these diseases and pests throughout the development of your corp. Get more precise coverage to target these pests under the canopy with 360 UNDERCOVER.

360 Y-Drop

Adjustable arms allows precision placement in 15-inch to 36-inch rows.
Variable rate nozzles for customizing the rate, time and placement.
Breakaway mounting brackets and a flexible riser.
Shield to keep leaves from wrapping around the riser or hoses.

360 Y-Drop SideDress

Coulter systems put nitrogen in the middle of the row – 15 inches from the base of the plant. That slows uptake and lowers efficiency. Studies show 25% more nitrates in the plant when nitrogen is applied at the base of the plant. That has led to an average yield increase of over six bushels compared to coulter systems.

360 Yield Saver

360 YIELD SAVER cuts header loss up to 85%. Poly blocks and intermeshing bristles reduce loss two ways: by cushioning the ear’s impact- reducing butt shelling – and by capturing kernels.

360 Bandit

Putting nitrogen where and when emerging corn plants need it is the key to maximum efficiency. UAN is locked under the soil to eliminate volatilization. Moisture moves nitrogen bands into the root zone and dilutes the solution to prevent root burn or injury.

360 Wave

The 360 WAVE creates a “wave” of moist soil that rolls over the seed to simplify the job of the closing wheels.

The 360 WAVE blade pivots – self aligning in the trench. That means it follows the trench on curves. A stop prevents the blade from pivoting over the seed trench on tight left turns.

360 Sprint

The system includes a tandem axle and frame support structure that supports the tank and boosts the capacity of your standard UTV. These bolt-on modifications do not permanently alter the frame of your UTV and provide the support needed to carry an additional 3300 pounds to the field.

360 Tanks

These sleek 700-gallon capacity tanks follow the contour of your John Deere 8000R tractor – providing improved front and side visibility compared to other mid-mount and front mount tanks. And the unique shape and mount positions provide better fore and aft weight distribution – to minimize pinch-row compaction. 

360 Guide

Your self-propelled applicator’s guidance system is optimized for bare ground and good A-B lines. The 360 Guide Steering System is an add-on that lets your existing guidance system maintain ideal middle-of-the-row position when A-B line accuracy isn’t enough.

360 Glide

360 GLIDE provides reliable, mechanical, automatic positioning of your 360 Y-DROP system that ensures ideal hose position and nitrogen placement.

360 Drag Chain

Drag chains pull fine soil particles over the seed trench and finish the job of the closing wheels. They offer low-cost insurance that your seed trench is sealed tight. The 360 DRAG CHAIN does that plus it covers a wider swath – designed to work with 360 BANDIT to help seal the fertilizer slot created by the 360 BANDIT’s fertilizer coulter.

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